Refuge Accomodation

If you need to leave your home as a result of domestic violence you will need to find temporary safe accommodation whilst you decide what to do next. You may consider going to a refuge, a safe place where women and children can stay temporarily until they find new accommodation.

The Haven Wolverhampton has 5 refuges spread across the city all of which are based in secure confidential locations. Women and dependent children up to the age of 16 are able to access Haven refuge accommodation subject to meeting The Haven Wolverhampton's eligibility criteria.

Our refuges provide high standard quality accommodation which includes communal kitchen, dining and living areas, private bedrooms, en-suite facilities, children’s play areas and facilities for disabled residents. Please click here to take a look at a selection of images from our refuges.

The refuge environment also offers emotional support from trained support workers. During your stay in refuge you will also be able to access a number of The Haven Wolverhampton’s other support services including Children and Young People’s Support, Financial Inclusion, Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy and Volunteering.


Whilst we try our hardest to accommodate those in need of temporary accommodation we are sometimes unable to support every woman. The Haven Wolverhampton refuges are able to accommodate a maximum of 53 women and around 100 children at any one time. On the occasion that we do not have any room available in our refuges we will work hard to find alternative accommodation for you elsewhere. The Haven Wolverhampton works closely with other women's refuge providers including Women's Aid, Refuge and Shelter to support those affected by domestic violence.

How long can I stay at a Haven refuge?

There is no limit on the amount of time you are able to stay at a Haven refuge, you can stay with us until you feel ready to move on. At this point you will be offered Resettlement support where you will be given assistance with finding a new tenancy and preparing you for your move back to independent living.

How much does it cost to stay at a Haven refuge?

The cost of staying at The Haven Wolverhampton is dependent upon your individual situation. Residents are required to pay rent, which covers the cost of your room in refuge.

The Haven Wolverhampton is able to assist residents who are unemployed or on a low income to apply for Housing benefits to help cover this cost. You will also have a personal charge which covers the cost of utilities (gas, electricity and water) and food. Housing Benefits will not cover this charge, however other income such as Jobseekers Allowance or Income Support can be used. The Haven Wolverhampton employs a Benefits & Immigration Officer who will be able to support you with applications for benefits. Further financial support is also available through our Financial Inclusion Service.

Specialist Support

A number of our refuges offer help for women with additional support needs including women experiencing ill mental health as a result of domestic violence and female offenders. Please click here to find out more about specialist support offered at The Haven Wolverhampton.

To make an enquiry about refuge accommodation at The Haven Wolverhampton please call our 24 Hour helpline on 08000 194 400. For information on refuges and domestic violence support outside Wolverhampton call the Freephone National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

Accomodation Gallery

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