Visual Evidence for Victims

Many victims of violence choose not to report to the police, however, a victim may be willing to have their injuries recorded confidentially by a voluntary sector agency. The Visual Evidence for Victims (VEV) project was set up to allow people to have evidence of a crime recorded by a voluntary agency, so the victim does not have to go to the police. Several agencies in the West Midlands, like The Haven Wolverhampton, have joined to this scheme.

We can record photographic evidence so that you have proof to take action at a later date. The evidence can be used in criminal court or in civil proceedings, should you decide you want to take action. Alternatively the photographs can be kept on file (for a maximum of 6 years) or you can choose to have the photographs destroyed.

A number of staff at The Haven Wolverhampton have been trained to use approved VEV cameras to record injuries that have been sustained as a result of domestic violence. Haven staff are skilled in how to handle evidence so as to ensure that the process is secure and admissible in court. We understand that your injury(s) may be of an intimate nature therefore staff act with sensitivity at all times and promise to treat you with dignity and understanding. We only take the necessary photographs and will not force you to have all of your injuries recorded if this is not your wish. We will obtain your full consent before taking the photographs and will let you decide when and if the photographs are to be used in any legal proceedings and when they are destroyed. Photographs are taken in complete confidence and stored away securely.

If you have reported the crime to the police you do not need to use the VEV service. To find out more about VEV registered organisations outside Wolverhampton please visit the VEV website.


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