Case Studies

"With The Haven’s support I now know that the abuse was not my fault. It’s a tough journey to get through, but with hard work and support from places like The Haven you can do it!" To read the story in full please click here.

Feedback from Clients

"Without The Haven Wolverhampton I would not have coped. It gave me space, time and security at the hardest time in my life. I was allowed to cry and express myself without prejudice. Without The Haven Wolverhampton I would not have been able to take the next step and transition in my life"

"The Haven Wolverhampton has changed my life completely. I now feel like I am where I want to be in life and I don’t have the constant pressure like I did before. I make my own decisions and I feel I’ve got more control in my life. I won’t ever forget what The Haven Wolverhampton has done for me and it’s hard to express just how grateful I am”

“I truly believe that The Haven Wolverhampton saved my life”

“Thank you for taking me out of the darkness and helping me with my children. If it wasn’t for The Haven Wolverhampton, I would still be in the dark. I am very grateful for what you have done for me and for the smile you have put on my face”

"Everyone at The Haven Wolverhampton is as special and kind and nice as can be. Thanks so much for thinking of me, your thoughts, kindness and consideration will always be remembered. It means a lot to know how much you all care. Thanks for being so generous, so caring and so giving. Kindness like yours means more than you know and more than you thank. Words are not enough to tell you all how very thoughtful you all are and very nice too. Thank you, thank you thank you all"

“I would like to thanks all at The Haven Wolverhampton for helping me so much. Thank you everyone in the refuges, resettlement services and community advocacy team. I am still alive because of the HUGE amount of support from these members of staff”

“I cannot be more grateful for the support I have received from The Haven Wolverhampton. It was the understanding I received more than the reasons. I feel more confident about things now”


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