The Socio Economic Development Centre SABR

SABR is based in Samarkand City, Uzbekistan and works for the benefit of women and children by providing support, encouragement and the opportunity for an independent life in a safe environment. Established in 1996 the centre runs a number of activities including:

  • Psychological, social, legal and medical support to women and children in crisis.
  • Training and educational activity
  • Sociological and socio-psychological research and the publication of methodological manuals
  • Practical and methodological support to other NGOs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Micro-lending programs for low-income, active layers of the Samarkand population
  • Development of a new experimental model of socio-economic support of members of the Samarkand population with a low income

There are three priority programs operating in “SABR”

  • Social program
  • Micro finance program
  • Information and resource centre

Social Programme

The long term goal of SABR is to create an experimental model of socio-economic protection for the most vulnerable layers of the population. This is achieved through

  • Psychological and advisory support
  • Dissemination of information
  • Organising and delivering campaigns and surveys directed towards the prevention of illegal actions regarding women and their dependent children
  • Vocational training for girls and women from low-income families

SABR's Micro Finance Program

The program is based on income generating activity for low income families of Samarkand in order to encourage entrepreneurship and small business development. The micro finance program began with financial support from the NOVIB Netherlands fund in 2001and continues to this day.

Information and resource centre

Since it was established SABR has accumulated considerable methodological and practical experience. SABR has worked as an informational and resource center since 2000. The types of services offered include:

  • Counselling services
  • Training activity for crisis centre staff
  • Informational and resource support (to NGOs staff, students and lecturers of higher educational institutions)
  • Sociological survey delivery
  • Training delivery to judicial bodies, health service and mass media representatives

The Haven Wolverhampton has worked with SABR since it was established in 1996. A number of SABR employees have visited The Haven Wolverhampton on many occasions for training purposes and to learn from our experiences of working to help women and children affected by Domestic Violence and Homelessness.

SABR has worked with The Haven Wolverhampton as part of the Partnership Agreement on technical support with the aim to protect the interests of and improve the living standards of SABR's target group - the most deprived sectors of Uzbek society, a large percentage of which are women and girls.

Together The Haven Wolverhampton and SABR have organised a number of key awareness raising events aimed at highlighting the issues of violence against women and children on a global level. In 2009 the two organisations organised Pearl of the East: Women’s Cultural and Business Forum UK / Uzbekistan. As well as celebrating 12 years of partnership the event also provided SABR with the opportunity to promote its work to key members of the British / Uzbek Society. Following the overwhelming success of this event a second Pearl of the East Cultural and Business Forum was held in 2011 in Tashkent Uzbekistan.


The Haven Wolverhampton continues to support the good work of SABR and is committed to supporting the development of Centre staff to help support women and children affected by abuse.

For more information The Haven Wolverhampton’s work with SABR please contact Elvira Wilson on 01902 572140 or email


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