The Daphne Project

The Haven Wolverhampton’s project ‘EU Comparative: Counselling survivors of domestic violence’ has been funded by the European Commission’sDaphne Programme, as part of their commitment to Gender Equality and Justice.

This project, in collaboration with research partners in the UK, Germany and Portugal, and NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia and Italy, will research the effectiveness of counselling for victims of domestic violence and will also assess the funding and provision of these services in EU member states. Experiences so far have drawn attention to the fact that counselling services for victims of domestic abuse are tragically underfunded as they suffer from negative perceptions by grant-givers and policy-makers. This project will aim to draw attention to this lack of funding and ultimately produce recommendations to inform future funding and policy decisions.

This project will bring together exchanges of know how and expertise from diverse experiences in a number of EU countries. This will enable us to gain maximum points of view and knowledge, with which to better understand the approach and profile of NGO’s providing counselling and psychological support to women and children affected by domestic violence. The project involves partners from the beginning of formulation encouraging NGO participation in strategic planning. The transnational co-operation will enlarge and improve tools and investment needed in support for women and children affected by domestic violence.


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